The Jump Start Juicer is a seven day juice diet making the claim of many juice diets or detox diets that it will target fat, eliminate toxins, and boost energy levels.  The 7 Day Jump Start Detox Diet is the brainchild of Brendan McCarthy of New Zealand, and though the claim is that he is a lifestyle and health pioneer, there is no indication of where he may have received training in nutrition.  According to his story the inspiration for the Jump Start Juicer program came from his successful efforts at creating a nutrition plan for his father to battle bladder cancer.  Furthermore, Brendan McCarthy asserts that his research has uncovered the direct correlation between the foods we eat and poor health, and that his unique juice recipes combine synergistic elements of fruits and vegetables to promote fat loss.

In addition to the cost of the Jump Start Juicer program (available in eBook form), the dieter will need to buy an electric juicer.  For seven days, fruit and vegetable juices as well as water will be all that needs to be consumed.  Alcohol, caffeine, tobacco, sugar, dairy, and wheat are all eliminated.  By following this program up to 10 pounds of weight loss in seven days is achieved; according to the author’s personal success story, he lost 21 pounds in 7 days.  Even ten pounds of weight loss in seven days is inspirational and can be motivational in maintaining a long term diet plan.  Traditionally speaking, juice diets or detox diets burn a substantial amount of water weight and little more.  Brendan McCarthy claims that the Jump Start Juicer will first flush the stored toxins in fat, then reduce fat and cholesterol by the unique juice recipes, and the method in which the fruits and vegetables work together.

The juice recipes for day one of the 7 Day Jump Start Detox Diet are intended to prepare the body for rapid and natural weight loss, somewhat like a primer.

Continuing into the second day, these juice recipes are designed to eliminate air and gas (bloating) and indigestion from whatever was eaten before the diet is started.

Day three focuses on the second stage of bloating, which is water retention.  These juice combinations are intended to rectify the body’s water balance and begin flushing the fat toxins.

Moving into day four, more toxins are flushed from the body and energy levels should begin to increase.

With a substantial portion of toxins eliminated from the fat, the body is now ready to begin shedding the fat, and the juice recipes for day five are intended to prime the body for fat loss during the last three days of the diet.

Day six consists of a “special diuretic juice formula” to help flush fat, cholesterol, and hard to lose pounds around the waist.

The final day of the Jump Start Juicer diet targets subcutaneous fat (the fat just underneath the skin) reducing facial puffiness and revealing muscle tone.  Additionally the juice recipes add a youthful and healthy appearance to the skin.

These are definitely bold claims, and while the author posts his personal success story backed by the success stories of dieters from around the world, these accounts are purely anecdotal and provide no medical proof of improved health.  As such, they must be accepted for what they are; stories.

In terms of how the Jump Start Juice Diet relates to other diets and theories about weight loss, it is a mixed bag.  On one point, consuming nothing but water and fresh fruit and vegetable juices for a week is likely to bring the body to a more alkaline state.  One dietary model indicates that when the body is more alkaline it is in a better condition to lose fat.  On the other hand, traditional style juice diets or detox diets cause substantial calorie deficits which may be the cause of some weight loss, especially the loss from water weight.  Some other dietary models assert that protein deficient diets such as the Jump Start Juice Diet trigger the body to breakdown muscle tissue for protein.  The counter claim is that since carbohydrates serve as the body’s chief source of fuel that the body has no need to breakdown the muscle as it has all the energy it needs on hand.

If this diet is followed, low intensity exercise is recommended.  Walking, stretching, and yoga are suitable if energy levels allow.  For individuals sensitive to excess carbohydrates this diet may not be a smart idea.  Limiting dietary intake to fresh juice and water will make it impossible to eat out, so plan the diet for a week without holidays or special occasions that are celebrated with food.  Perhaps the last point to remember about the Jump Start Juicer diet is that it is a short term plan;  developing a balanced diet and good eating habits are critical in maintaining any weight loss achieved while following the 7 Day Jump Start Detox Diet.

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