The Hollywood Diet began as a juice fast diet in the late 1990s and has expanded to include a Hollywood 24 hour miracle diet, the Hollywood 48 hour miracle diet, the Hollywood 30 Day Miracle Program, and an assortment of cookies and other meal replacement bars.  The Hollywood Juice Diet products are fortified with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to RDA 100% for the 24 hour version, or RDA 75% for the 48 hour version.  The claim of the Hollywood Diet is that the dieter can lose 5 pounds in 24 hours or 10 pounds in 48 hours with a significant amount of weight loss from fat.

The recommended application of the Hollywood Diet is to do a 24-hour juice fast once monthly for maintenance of both weight and health.  According to the website many of their dieters commit to a once per week juice fast.  For dieters with a substantial amount of weight to lose the website recommends committing to the 30 Day Miracle program which alternates between juice fasts and meal replacements.  The first one or two days of the Hollywood 30 Day Miracle Diet starts with the 24 hour or 48 hour juice fast.  For best results on the 30 Day Hollywood plan the diet recommends avoiding red meat, sugar, diet sodas, dairy and salty or sugary snacks.  Eat a healthy breakfast, a sensible lunch, snack on raw vegetables or fruit throughout the day and eat replace dinner with a Hollywood Diet meal replacement product.  Eat nothing after 6 p.m.

The 30 day program is a little lax in the exercise department but for best results it is recommended to walk briskly for at least 30 minutes per day.  More rigorous exercise should be incorporated after the 30 days is completed.  During the 30 days the 24 or 48 hour juice fast should be repeated on a dieter’s weekend or off days.  Repeating the juice fast is intended to jumpstart weight loss by detoxifying the colon while at the same time activating the body’s fat burning furnace.  How the juice accomplishes this task is unclear.

If followed to the letter the dieter is restricted to 400 calories per day on both the 24 and 48 hours versions of the Hollywood Diet.  This may be acceptable for one or two days only but certainly can become dangerous beyond that.  Any diet restricting dieters to below 1000 calories is a very low calorie diet.  Typically these are administered under doctor supervision for the treatment of obesity.  Anyone with specific dietary instructions from their doctor ought to consult with them before starting on this or any type of juicing or fasting type diet.

While the Hollywood Juice Diet products are low in calories and high in vitamins and minerals the one thing they lack is protein.  Time and again it has been shown that long term protein deficiency can lead to muscle loss which can stall or even reverse long term weight loss.  And how much weight loss is related to the “miraculous” work of the juice versus the work of the food restrictions (avoid salty or sugary snacks, red meat, dairy, creamer or sugar in the coffee, etc) remains the subject of debate.

Likewise while the diet plan may advise the dieter to eat a healthy breakfast and a sensible lunch, these terms may mean nothing to a dieter just starting out, not knowing what sensible choices are or what makes for a satisfying replacement.  The Hollywood Diet is certainly lacking in education about nutrition, exercise and fitness, and the prevention and management of stress.  Long term weight loss is virtually impossible without addressing those components.

While there may be psychological benefits to rapid weight loss such as is promised by the Hollywood Diet those benefits may just as quickly disappear if that weight returns or if more pounds are added.  Juicing as a form of calorie reduction may certainly help a dieter down to their ideal weight but a dieter must have a firm grasp of why their diets have failed before or what is causing them to regain weight for any sort of permanent results to be expected.  The bottom line is that no matter the potential benefits of Hollywood Diet there are likely better options out there even for juice fasting.

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